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The Oracle responds: Next beautiful event in world

Dear Oracle

What can we be ready to experience in the natural world?


Dear Sascha

Thank you for your beautiful question. I will begin by quoting a character in the short story, L´Alchimista, by the wonderful N.K. Jemisin.

«Who is to say plutonium is more powerful than, say, rice? One takes away a million lives, the other saves a hundred times as many».

True. Maybe what you, me and millions of others can stay ready for, is no less ordinary, no less beautiful, than our next meal. But I believe you are asking for something more extraordinary? I sense a longing, and an urge for hope, in your question. And in these times of a global virus, lockdowns, climate crisis and democracies at stake, we sure want to nourish our hopes. I have asked around among my oracle friends. One says: Maybe we can expect an increase in tree planting. Another simply says: Spring. A three year old girl who strolls by my cave, says: No more fish´n chips, I want to live on little stars.

What is the natural world? Nature, cosmos? Our souls? Are cities natural, is garbage, pollution? How beautiful it would be: The nature restoring itself, after the human race put too deep a footprint in it. We can dream of science (which is nature; molecules and elements) making us capable of changing the ways of production, the ways of daily life. We can dream of (or contribute to) structures that will prevent plastic inside whales and make the beaches clean. And the wooden fires? They are natural, right? Is the next beautiful event in the natural world that the lightnings and the rain will find back to their sensible rythm?

And the disappearing bees… In Norwegian we have a word called «forgubbing». It means something like «too many old men in one sector». The bees are getting fewer, and one of the reasons, is forgubbing among the beekeepers. What if a shining, global army of young girls became beekeepers, wouldn´t that be beautiful?

But hey, let´s ask the tarot cards.

What is the next beautiful event in the natural world?

Shuffle… Lay on the table… Split, pick. Oh! Ace of wands.

Well, that´s a good sign, isn´t it? Be ready.

A kiss for the future, Orakelet.

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